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We bring people together to turn transformational ideas into reality. Our world-class instructors teach you the ideas missed by the education system. Our articles inspire you to live a truly creative and inspired life.

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Our education system doesn’t prepare us to be creative and live truly fulfilled lives.

Instead, from a young age we are encouraged to fit in by doing well at school, getting a job and living our lives just like everyone else around us.

But life can be much richer than this.

It starts by rejecting the lies you’ve always been told are true and taking ownership of your creative spirit.

Ideapod supports you to do this.

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COVID-19 Perspectives

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a new virus. Below you’ll find our articles touching on the broader impact of COVID-19 at a societal, cultural and planetary level. We encourage you to leave a comment on the articles to connect with our lovely and supportive community.

Being Human

Who is the real you? It’s not such an easy question to answer. To what extent is your answer to this question shaped by the way you’ve been programmed by society, your upbringing and the cultural forces in your life. These articles explore what it means to be human.

Modern Myths

With the world changing so fast, many of the norms we once took for granted become outdated. These articles call into question some of the popular misconceptions, fallacies and exaggerated rumors of modern civilization.

Cultivating Resilience

During a global downturn, could the most important quality be resilience? Yet it’s difficult to pin down exactly what resilience is, let alone how to cultivate it. In these articles, we take inspiration from different philosophies and traditions to explore the cultivation of resilience in the modern age.

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